10th Planet caricature


A tribute to 10th Planet making the UG an addictive place to spend
time. Hope you all enjoy this. It depicts all the troll attempts made
towards 10th Planet and Rogan. Hope you all enjoy it and it gets 10th
Planet even more hits.


Sorry, there was a space in the link before.

You'll have to remove the blank space before "10thplanet" in the link
for it to work. It keeps doing that when I post.

As soon as someone gets on tv or their school gets their name out, the hating begins. TTB for haters.

lol fcfighter, sure, that's when it all began...

This had nothing to do with it:


I want to send all 4 guys a signed and framed copy. I'll send them
directly to the gym if I can't get any contact info.

LMAO @ Eddie looking like one of the "ambiguously gay duo".

Awesome. I'll mail them out on Friday. I'll be at UFC 60 and could even
hand deliver them too.

that's actually not bad. You should have showed Tait stabbing or kicking the ball. Never seen a guy catch so much shit for so little.

Holy shit that CUO pic is awesome.

Great shit!

thank you. i enjoy that

Good work especially on CUO.

also add Noah crying in the background

btw, im taller than eddie and joe, so the perspective is a little off


All of the heights are a little off. I went right off the photo from
Entourage. Rogan is especially too tall. I also forgot to put devil horns
on Dana's head in the background billboard. I'm really pissed off about
that the most.

That's fucking hilarious :)

Great work!

Is the "Xyience Obey" sign like one of the subliminal messages in THEY LIVE?