10th Planet Dominates @ No Limits

Big ups to our 6 guys that went down to Irvine to compete this weekend: 2 golds 2 silvers one bronze and 2 superfight wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick Recap-

Jerome won his Division (Teens) with flying colors- then went on to compete in the adult division and placed 2nd after pulling out flying armbars and rolling omaplatas!!!!

Big Mac had to bump up a division to fight a guy 60lbs larger- Mac closes the deal for 1st with a 12-4 win.

Toby Grier won his first 2 matches by points and his 3rd by sub to move on to the finals where he got gullitened to take home 2nd.

Our friends from London that is visiting took home 3rd

In superfight action Conor Huen manhandled his opponent and had some nice submission attempts on his way to a 8-0 win

I nearly fell asleep in my match but managed to pull out a takedown to win it..


Good event Jerome looked really impressive.

...BTW~ I'm pretty sure No Limits won the team standings


Hell yeah! Congrats fellas! I thought Epstein was competing as well. Who won from London?

Well done gentlemen.

jerome is my protege.  i have been giving him one private a week since he started. the kid is like a fucking sponge; i dont think that he has forgotten one thing i have said to him.

whats more is that he has only been training seven months

congrats jason!looks like you are off to a good start.Sorry im not going to be able to make it to chicago with you but good luck you will do well.im going to houston for 3 weeks to work on my cardio and then I think I will be comin out to train with you for a couple weeks then my last 3 weeks of trianing in hunnington.I'll call you homie.congrats once again.wasnt your opponent a BB?




yeah....7 months of training, but i can tell jerome has a very solid frestyle wrestling background, which helps tremendously. he's not just a 7 month newbee.

Hell Yeah! Congrats Fellahs! Wish I could of been there.

..that's BALLIN'!