10th Planet = Great Spindoctors!

This dark catch wrestling troll to divert the attention from Eddie's top students performance on TUF.

Great diversion! Even got Mayhem in on it!!

Bro you have an unhealthy Bravo-Fetish today LOL

"Even got Mayhem in on it!!"

And he got YOU to make a whole NEW thread on it!


If you make a dozen or so, a few don't get deleted or moved, kind of like the one where Tait said Josh was greased for their fight...


The whole thread about Bravo being threatened and leaving the BJJ community is not true. He is not changing his gym to a "catch wrestling" and all that B.S.! I have a prediction...Sometime near the end of summer, 10th Planet/Bomb Squad will shut down, relocate and open as The Legend Gym. Randy Couture, Bas Rutten will join the staff as instructors along with Bravo. Just watch...