10th Planet Jiu JItsu - HEADS UP!

HEy guys & girls,

Just got off the phone with Sifu Bravo and we still need a place to watch the fights tomorrow night. EGM are you still down to host. Get ahold of Sifu so we can get the night worked out. I am off to work!



lol :)


Master Bravo always expects his disciples to address him as sifu. he runs a very serious disciplined dojo.

egm and the rest where the fu[k are we gonna watch the fights?


I have cable, but I don't own a couch or I'd invite everybody here. LOL!

Let me know what you guys come up with - somebody email me (ringgirl@tqfc.net) - I might come hang out..

Hey guys - if we really can't get together somewhere else, I'll try to convince my girlfriend to head out for the evening so we can watch the fights. My place ain't huge, but I think there was a dozen of you over for the last UFC - and we were all pretty comfortable.

I'll be at work tomorrow until about 5PM.


Do not question Sifu.

EGM You have a girlfriend? I thought you were gay!

I guess I was thrown off by those sleevless shirts..

OK Whoever has the place let Eddie know and we can all meet up tomorrow.


We probably could do it at my place. I am single now, afterall.


hehe @ "I thought you were gay."

grapplechaun - I just like showing off my guns!

Somebody give me a call or e-mail to tell me what's up when they know.