10th Planet Korea: Choi ko's Goodridge

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lol @ the nice rubber gward defense in the lower left!!

wtf @ the bat's 6-pack. pellegrino take note

still havent seen this fight. big win fo, Mu Bai.

 War 10th Planet!



head instructor status varies every week- depending on who is the least stoned

Eddie is awesome and a hell of a nice guy...

 Jason is that because they are ostracized....... or do they become the head instructor?

 Thank you for posting this Eddie


Oh, I almost forgot, I'm also gonna be in Vancouver April 26 for a seminar, contact danjrizzuto@gmail.com :)


Tell us more about 10th planet Korea


"Uh oh...Checkuroil's gonna be on suicide watch. "

its too late. i already did it

TTT - for the Nibiru Army !!

AC Slater 1....Tenth Planet 0