10th Planet Toronto!

OpenMat Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is very proud to announce that we are now the home of 10th Planet Toronto!

For those who don't know, 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu is the highly effective BJJ & MMA system developed by Jean Jacques Machado Black Belt, Eddie Bravo. Known world-wide as one of the most innovative, passionate and systematic BJJ instructors, Eddie's game is slowly changing the face of MMA. He first became famous for using his unique strategies to submit Royler Gracie in ADCC 2003. Today they have evolved into a powerful and imposing strategy for dominating in BJJ & MMA.

We had Eddie in town this past Saturday for a four-hour advanced BJJ seminar, attended by some of the most talented and skilled practitioners in the province. After a thorough, educational and fun seminar, Eddie announced our new affiliation.

This is an amazing opportunity for OpenMat students and all Toronto-area Jiu-Jitsu practitioners to learn some of today's most innovative and effective Jiu-Jitsu!

10th Planet Classes will run at OpenMat BJJ & MMA on Mondays from 8:00-9:00, and Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30, both followed by a half-hour open mat. We will also be holding mixed OpenMat Beginner's BJJ/10th Planet JJ classes Saturdays from 2:00-3:00, followed by an hour-long open mat. 10th Planet classes are open to students with a minimum of four months of experience.

OpenMat is located at 8 Park Road, Level "T" - one block East of Yonge and Bloor, just North of Bloor. For more information, email classes@openmat.ca or call 416 710-8271.

See you on the mat!



 Thats awesome!!! Eddie has my favorite style and I use it as much as i can. Wish i lived in toronto!!

very good for Open Mat.

Go Elliott!


Where are you? We are available for seminars.


You don't sound like a dick.

I've been training with Eddie since... 2003? I've been studying, training, teaching and using his techniques in class and competition since then. I've trained at his academy a number of times and we've been friends for a few years now.

Eddie's developed a very precise, thorough and effective system he believes will elevate the success rates of all who train it. He requires all his affiliates to be able to teach it, whether they've trained day in and day out or not. I think this is a fairly standard practice.

We don't question whether the teachers at Xtreme Couture have trained day in and day out with Randy Couture, do we?

Hope this helps clarify. We'd love to have you come check out some classes. See you on the mats!


Elliott is an excellent teacher who is very well-versed in Eddie's system and an accomplished grappler in his own right. Anyone interested in learning 10th Planet jiujitsu needs to check Elliott out.

Bravo's books and dvds are useful, but having on-hand instruction from a qualified instructor makes a huge difference. Highly recommended!


"We don't question whether the teachers at Xtreme Couture have trained day in and day out with Randy Couture, do we?"

an excellent response.

Congrats Elliot. This is a nice addition to the Toronto grappling scene.

TTT for Elliot and 10th Planet Toronto!

Thanks for the support guys!

We've begun 10th Planet classes and there's been a great response already.

We'll start another thread about it, but for those who live/work downtown, we run a lunchtime open mat from 1:00-2:00. Lots of good lightweights coming out and we'd love to add more talent into the mix. If you're interested, email me at classes@openmat.ca

See you on the mat!


Good work Elliott!

Can heavyweight pass by? :)

I heard Krazy Russian is now Super Heavyweight ;)

No, no Mark...I am still hanging on. Skills, baby skills - that's why some people might thing super-heavy ...LOL

This is the man that created the VISHNU GUARD! Of course he's qualified!


All are welcome, regardless of size!


I didn't create the Vishnu Guard. Jiu-Jitsu created the Vishnu Guard, I was only the vehicle.