11 Fights Announced for Bushido 11

From the official PRIDE site

Eleven fights for Bushido 11 have been set:

Regular Fights

Mitsuhiro Ishida vs Marcus Aurelio

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett

Hayato Sakurai vs Olaf Alfonso

Jason Black vs Eoh Won Jin

WW GP Fights

Denis Kang vs Murilo Ninja

Murilo Bustamante vs Amar Suloev

Phil Baroni vs Kazuo Misaki

Ryo Chonan vs Joey Villasenor

Akihiro Gono vs Hector Lombard

Paulo Filho vs Yoon Dong Sik

Makoto Takimoto vs Gegard Mousassi

Still one more GP fight yet to be announced.

Awesome Card.


I'm still hoping for the last fight to be Hendo vs. Kondo.

but unfortunately kondo has not been cleared to fight due to the KO he suffered.

I'm hoping the last is a Gomi fight.

Awesome card!


Just wanted to make that clear yet again. :)

And yes, I am a Denis Kang nuthugger.

Woah, I think Suloev will pull off the upset.

Are they trying to build Mach back up?

Olaf's barely been competitive with good fighters... That, and it looked like Razor Rob killed him in their last fight.


God I hope Suloev will be 100% on his game for this fight .. not that I don't like Busta, but Amar just hasn't been able to put it together for his really big fights in the past... and he's due one. Suloev by shocking KO early.

Last year I would have gone with Ninja .. but now he has seemingly degraded and fought against Filho as if he was a MMA novice. Disgusting performance. Toss up, but leaning slightly towards Kang by decision.

IMO Lombard will be too small for this field ... he's fun to watch, and [quite obviously] has a lot of skills .. but his future is probably at 77 kgs, and not at 83 kgs. Gono by early TKO off a wild bullrush by Hector.

I think Mousasi might stand a decent chance against Makoto .. but he'll have to keep space and throw mostly punches .. We'll see how this fight plays out for him though. I'm 50/50 here

Man, the Villasenor vs Chonan fight might be an epic struggle .. with Joey having the advantage with his hands standing, while Ryo might have the better kicks up there ... On the ground it's Chonan's slick leg subs .. versus Villasenor's brutal GnP, great fight IMO. Going with the super savvy Chonan by late leg lock submission after a hard fought battle by both guys.

lol I think everyone [excepting his HH pals and a few MMA fans from New York] are pulling for Misaki to take Phil out .. but can he? I think if he uses his lateral movement early to frustrate Baroni, making him miss and then countering .. that Phil will gas and then he'll be able to open up late and get the stoppage over The NYBA. Let just say here that I actually like the way Phil tries to end fights ASAP ... very few guys do that because of the obvious problems they could run into if their opponent is durable and can absorb the punishment and then come back late. I do think Misaki is an extremely durable opponent .. but can he eat Baroni's power and keep coming? [he was able to take Hendo's best and hung tough in a well contested fight]. I'm going with Misaki late via a "too much punishment absorbed" stoppage, but I at the same time I wouldn't be too shocked to see him eating canvas early.

I really and I mean freakin' REALLY hope Sik submits the annoying little leg humper, Filho. I doubt it'll happen that way .. but crap that dude annoys the shit out of me [and bores me to tears at the same time]. One day Filho will get what's coming to him, and although I doubt it'll happen in this fight .. one can still hope, right?..lol
Filho by ultra freakin' boring decision.

Kawajiri might actually kill Bennett .. why in the hell is this fight being made?..lol
No need to pick, everyone knows who will win.

Ishida is tough, but Aurelio will sub him early.

Black might find a tough fight against EOH .. and believe it or not, this could be a very good grappling struggle ... as both guys try to establish control over their opponents using grappling tactics. I am going with Jason by decision, but EOH might shock some Midwesten folk in this one.

lol Mach will walk through Olaf with no problems at all. This one is so DSE can add some highlights to Mach's HL reel.

"Ishida is tough, but Aurelio will sub him early"

Not going to happen

Completevaletudoaccess reported this as being the full card which would suggest that Hendo would receive a bye in the 1st round a la Fedor? I can't read japanese so I don't know what Pride's official page says.

what's the date of this?

So many great prospects and potentially awesome fights in that GP, it's hard to call but I would say Denis Kang has a good chance of going all the way.

Looking forward to seeing Hector Lombard fight on the big stage as well.


Are we actually gonna get to see all these fights on the PPV? Will it be a 4 hour block?

sub wrestler your post is more boring than 1000 Filho's fight....

Will be interested to see how Lombard does.

I would have rather seen GODZILLA in there rather than Olaf.

TTT for Krazy Horse

Nice card. However, I would have liked to see Baroni fight against Ninja rather than Misaki.