11 Fights Announced for Bushido 11

"Nice card. However, I would have liked to see Baroni fight against Ninja rather than Misaki."

I'll second that

Suloev fought Chuck with a broken hand. It was not that exciting of a fight. Chuck was doing his tribute to Pedro Rizzo back then

Suloevs last fight in Cage Rage was awesome. Training with Fedor showed. He looked like a machine


great card

Olaf rules. Mach will handle tho.

awesome card

Crosley would be a good addition :)

I agree!


Worst bump, ever.

LOL at Crosley being a good addition.

 Are you the Robby Park who used to do the kickass highlight vids back in the day?

If so, you are fucking badass and I thank you!

 TOWE peep the original thread date...doubt he's lurking.

What are Amar Suloev and Andrei Semenov up to? I still remember the hype they got when they debuted in the UFC.

Dont know, but I would like to know.

 They both fought in Bodog I think. Haven't heard rom them since.