1121lb Bench Press fail

Dang it!

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He’s got one tard boot too. He’s a mess.

I don’t understand why benchpress shirts are allowed. Their elastic tension offsets the lift. It would be like doing a squat with bungee cords attached to the bar and ceiling.

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I think so - Scot Mendelson

I’m not surprised. These husky fats always think they’re bad. But they always come up a bit short when it really counts!

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Ego lifting faggot is gay

How many of you literally yelled “FUCK!” or “OH FUCK” out loud, as they watched that?

I did.


Yeah at that point it’s silly to try these lifts… if you have to wear special suits to lift a certain weight then there’s no point

Mendelson is a beast though.

Lol at everyone calling him an ego lifter - he’s the world record holder in raw unassisted bench press

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Raw powerlifting is where it’s at. Assistance looks dumb and adds an advantage. It should be the athlete and the iron.



Did that suit he’s wearing come out of an “Acme” Box like Wile E Coyote?


The lifter’s brother was a regular on the OG. Not sure if he still posts.

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Mendelson’s brother is GuttyProfessor.

Mendelson was in a bad accident and his one foot/ankle is a mess. What is left is basically fused from what I heard and the leg is significantly shorter. That’s the reason for the boot and why he can’t compete in squat or deadlift. He was in another bad accident later in his career as well.

I thought it was Julius Maddox…



Ah OK - I knew he had it at onepoint with something like a 740lb raw lift

Some of the comments are hilarious. Its like “oh my, why would anyone want to try to be great at something they are talented at”.


You’d think his grip would be a little better considering the consequences…