114 Post-fight presser

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                                114 Post-fight presser

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"Rashad can kiss my black ass"


lol @ Rampage "Rashad can still kiss my ass"

Russow broke his wrist.

125,000 fans through expo.

 Bisping:I don't wanna be a faggot when I go in ther

Dana:He didn't mean that.

LOL. LMAO. I love Bisping and Dana.

Bisping says he doesn't want to look like a faggot! hehhe


I wonder what Dana whispered into Rampage's ear?

Dana seemed pissed

TheBeebs - I wonder what Dana whispered into Rampage's ear?

Yeah I would love to know what he said.

TheTakeover - anyone have a link to press conference vid?

TheBeebs - I wonder what Dana whispered into Rampage's ear?

"you like all that promotion 'the expendables' got tonight, while we managed to not mention the 'A-team'"