118 - 110???

What fucking fight was that asshole watching? I thought it was a very close fight, and would not have bitched had either Mitchell or Ndou been awarded a one or two point victory, but 118 - 110??? WTF?

That judge needs to be forced to work as Ndou's sparring partner in his next camp. Good fight, but bullshit scoring by two of the three judges.

Imagine if (first) Ndou had been given more time to train for this fight, and (2nd) Tyszu had been landing all of those right hands tonight.

Ndou deserves another shot at a top fighter and a good payday.

What a sham. 10-2 in rounds????? That whore should be banned from even watching boixing, much less judging boxing. Debra barnes is as bad as Eugenia Williams or "Jean Williams" as Don King now introduces her as like in the Atlantic City card in which she was unbelievably involved in.

This is the type of crap that makes you want to quit watching boxing. I thought NDou won 115-113. He CLEARLY won 10,11,12 and anyone who argues against that has an agenda. Sharmba faded like a cheap suit IMO and got a gift. He should thank god Kostya was injured or he may have been killed in the ring.

Good stuff from Showtime tonight. I agree that female judge should be drawn and quartered, but let's not get into the habit of calling every close decision we don't agree with a gift. VERY close fight that could have been scored 115-113 for either fighter. I scored the fight a draw.

To be fair to Sharmba, he also was coming off a 9-month layoff waiting on Tszyu, and didn't know who his opponent would be until two weeks ago. Ring rust was evident. He could have just as well sat out waiting for Tszyu to heal, or have the interim title fight postponed, but he sucked it up and still got in there tonight. He deserves credit.

MM 118-110 and 117-111 are more than gifts. It was criminal. I agree it was very close and 115-113 for Sharmba is conceivable but lets be real here. 10-2 and 9-3 was absurd. There is no logical arguement whatsoever that can be made that Sharmba won any of the last 3 rounds. NONE. He faded badly.

Since you are being fair to Sharmba, lets be fair to NDou. He was shadow boxing in a motel room to prepare for this fight. Sharmba is a talented fighter and punches in combinations which I like but his power is suspec t at best and he is awful vs southpaws. Let us not forget that a southpaw Stevie Johnston knocked Sharmba out earlier in his career. I wonder why NDou abandoned the southpaw startegy.

Another thing worth mentioning here is the involvement of Gary Shaw. His credibility has been questioned recently and his fighters have gotten some very questionable scores lately. I may be way off here but I have a feeling I am not.

Man, it's so tough to watch boxing anymore. EVERY time a fight goes to a decision, the big question is not "who won this fight?" it's "are we gonna see yet another laughable, bogus decision by the judges?"

The answer to this question tonight was clearly a yes. I had Ndou winning by 2 points. I agree with everything Clemson said in his first post on the nose.

The problem with these types of fights is this...the judges have in their head "Sharmba is the better fighter here." Any time there was a round which it wasn't clear as day who won, the judges just mark down another round for Sharmba.

Round 1 is a perfect example. Watching the fight, I told my buddy after round 1 that I felt Ndou won the round, he landed 3 or 4 hard shots, Sharmba danced around and threw a lot of pitter patters but didn't really land anything. But I told him that I expect the judges to give that round to Mitchell.

Thru 5 I was following my judging with the 3 ringside judges they were showing each round, and with the commentators. I had Ndou winning round 1, Sharmba rounds 2 and 3, Ndou 4 and 5. The middle judge had it exactly the same as me, the other two had everything the same except they had given round 1 to Sharmba. Sharmba up by a point instead of Ndou. The commentators were agreeing with the 2 judges who had it 1 point for Sharmba. Which I have no problem with at all.

After that, most rounds were not at all difficult to score. In fact I'm pretty sure I had each of the last 7 rounds exactly the same as all 3 of the judges they were following, as well as the commentators, as well as Clemson. No particular round was dramatic or anything, but you could watch as the fight swayed in favor of Ndou, then back to SHarmba for a couple rounds, then again for Ndou for the last 3 rounds.

All in all, the fight was very, very close. I sat there watching, fully standing by my score card which had Ndou up by 2, and yet knowing that his chances of winning the fight were slim to none, because in fights like this, the damn incompetent judges just sit there and mark down 'another round for the favorite' any time the underdog doesn't get a knockdown. It's ridiculous. 118-110? Good thread title.

I had it 114-114. I gave Lovemore rounds 3,4,5,10,11,12. You could have given him one of the other rounds. Maybe the judges thought more of Sharmba's flurries were landing, but seems to me that Lovemore picked off a lot of em with his gloves.

Hey Rogie did you read where the bozo at boxingtalk.com (Ray Campbell)who scored the fight gave Sharmba 2 of the last 3 rounds? I emailed him and asked him where I could get some of the weed he was smoking because it sounds like some very good shit.

The biggest shock of the night to me was that tim Smith (by far the dumbest boxing writer I have ever read) actually had it 114-114 which I consider to be a competent scorecard.

Hey IWAN, whats up bro? I havent read the boxingtalk.net article yet, but how on earth can anyone have given Sharmba the 10th or 11th? Lovemore clearly landed the more effective shots, and I thought he took the twelfth also. Maybe the guy is a rookie or something. Campbell has done some good work, but that is a bad score.

"I emailed him..."

So what did he say?

The judges were bought and paid for; the fight was in the bag for Mitchell from round one. All he had to do was not get knocked out and he was going home with the decision the judges made sure of that. If Ndou had been the fighter that the alphabet organizations and the promoters wanted to see win the fight would have been scored in his favor 118-110. What a fucking joke; shit like this is why I have a hard time following Boxing anymore.