Who is the guy in the pic that is fatter than Ghaffari?

That pic SO needs to be romoshopped.

dragonhead, please bro... we're counting on you. mma.tv 4 life.

heath herring vs. giant silva.. the WWF guy? like 8ft tall?

hmmm??? I know that guy, weird! ttt for results

dragonhead please email me...


The super fat guy in the picture looks like it could be Abdullah the Buthcher... Ghaffari's quickly catching up to him.

To think, Ghaffari was a world-class athlete, profiled heavily on tv during the olympics...


I wish Matt Ghaffari was fighting on the K-1 card.

Nevertheless, the K-1 card still has a ton of outstanding early UFC-style freak show value even without that fat slob fighting.

As for Inoki's terrible lineup, all I can say is that they better keep the medical personnel ready to take care of Yuji Nagata after Fedor crushes him.


Royce will be fighting at Saitama Super Arena (Saitama, JAPAN), while Rickson will be watching at Nagoya Dome (Nagoya, JAPAN).

If Rickson was to be in Japan during this time, I thought he would have been in Royce's corner with Royler and the other Gracies relatives.

Oh well.. :)

"As you know, these 3 shows will be aired live on regular TV in Japan."

so unfair


"heath herring vs. giant silva.. the WWF guy? like 8ft tall?"
Yea, can't tell in this pic though... "

Nah... that's definetly him, I recognize the mug. He never looked all that athletic in the WWF, kind of a wierd walk he had..