12/31 fight updates - Jeeez !!

Two days to go and this shit is still changing. This has been the most inconsistant group of shows yet.

Rumors: read again - Rumors

Fedor is in Japan and will fight Nagata.

Mercer is out of Inoki. Did'nt show up !

Abidi is out. Possible replacements for Abidi are Ausserio Silva / K-1 Brazilian Champion Jefferson Silva/ or Mauricio Silva (?),will face 300 + pound Sylvester "The Pedator" Terkey.

Saku will indeed fight Lindland ! Ninja Rua will fight Rogerio.

I got this from a friend in Japan, who is usually reliable.

Hope that he is incorrect on Mercer.

Yeah, unbelievable how stuff is still rumors or changing when the events are so close!



Check out the thread started by clintpac1. Dave Meltzer is reporting that Mercer & Abidi are indeed out, and Fedor/Nagata is on.


Inoki's New Year's show falling apart


Faced with his show falling apart, Antonio Inoki announced on Monday that Fedor Emelianenko would face Yuji Nagata in the main event of his Bom Ba Ye show. Officials of Inoki's promotion had previously announced Emelianenko would not appear due to his exclusive contract with Pride. Pride officials, when this was said, threatened legal action against the promoters and NTV.

This was done after Ray Mercer, the former heavyweight boxing champion, didn't come to Japan, backing out of the scheduled main event against pro wrestler Kazuyuki Fujita. They are scrambling to find an opponent for Fujita, but on less than two days notice, it may be impossible.

In addition, on the K-1 show, Cyril Abidi canceled, claiming an injury, his scheduled match against Zero-One and UPW pro wrestler The Predator. The name given as Predator's opponent was Mauricio Silva.

You guys notice how this happens on ever inoki show right?

I thought Lindland/Saku is a natural for the UFC next year. White said: "I want Sakuraba", and Lindland is his top MW.

The rest of the rumors look correct though.


Those are a Lot of changes.

Too bad we won't see any of the shows until they're released on DVD (unless you're lucky enought to live next to a Japanese video store).


im pretty sure Lindland said he wasnt fighting Saku on the 31st.