12 days to copacabana

will be waiting for me.12 more days and i will be in rio.Got an apartment on copacabana.I will hopefully be training at brazilian top teaam for a couple of months.probably get mugged some times but i think i will get home alive.Alot of partying and women.
Stay tuned for stories and pics....

some photos of you and the ladyboys, please ;)

ohhh yeah the ladyboys will be lined up.I have heard that the ladyboys are bloody fantastic there.I will have my hands full:)

oooooh brazilian ladyboys!! boooya!

his name was daggie, he was a pisshead. he got in trouble for touching the ladyboys, at the copa copacabana

his name was cobras,

he banged a tranny,

but i swear he thought that it had a fanny,

he didnt care though,

he bent it over,

and showed it true meaning of cobra.

what a way to bring up 700 posts with a tranny song

****wipes tear from eye******

lol... i bow to your superior knowledge of barry manilow cobras! ewww!

How true Coop. Cobra's knowledge of Trannies is unquestionable.
- Juggs

You are invited Cobra.I will personally pick up from the airport and have a ladyboy ready for you.

see you there daggieDARKO

****throws pink g-sting in overnight bag****

go to centarus a massive brothel near ipanema it rocks 3 storys high 24 hours a day

im still waiting for pics!