12 lbs of pork shoulder...

 ...went into the smoker an hour ago.

Added ground rosemary and ginger to the rub to make it a bit more interesting.

I'll report back in 18-24 hours.


12 pounds? So you're dining alone?

Not to hijack your thread, but well, I'm hijacking ...

Last spring, my buddy decided he wanted to raise some pigs on his mini-farm and yesterday we butchered them using this guide:


Three pigs with a hanging weight of around 225lbs each:


Mmmmm, slabs of bacon ready for curing:


Great big thick tenderloins:


Ham steaks:


Chorizo sausage:


All in all, we made 200lbs of sausage including chorizo, andouille, summer sausage, jalapeno-cheddar, swedish potato sausage, and some kind of German bratwurst. We started at 7am and we immediately put some tenderloins and ribs on the smoker from the first pig.

Hopefully these links work, my first time trying picasa. Maybe a kind blue-namer could embed them for me.

lol @ your butchering guide!

How are you going to serve? Pulled pork style, sliced?


grabs popcorn

raoulDuke - lol @ rosemary and ginger

 adds some more sweetness to the rub. 

It recieved rave reviews at the party.  I made a KC style sauce and a Carolina vinegar-based sauce.

My friend from Chicago called me a bit ago to tell me he took a bunch home with him...  He was driving down I-94 eating handfuls of pork from the tupperware container.


what's wrong with rosemary and ginger?