12 pack trains?

the jersey dude from I lOve New York.

from his myspace:

"I coach High School Wrestling at Don Bosco Prep, 2X Naga Champion in Jui-Jitsu, High School All American in Freestyle Wrestling, I used to take Mua-Thai and Tae-Kwon-do, and run an Underground Fight Club out of my basement, wanted to go pro MMA and planned to fight in REALITY FIGHTING VII but got hurt and now I Coach private lessons! "

WTF???? Zev, I have never seen him at any NAGA that I competed in...
unless its that super secret Kumite that Kipp runs in his backyard every
leap year on Groundhog Day....oops, the secret is out...

If he coaches at Bosco, I want all my alumni donations returned ASAP.

you're a Bosco guy? oh man i went to St Peter's.
funny stuff.

btw, i have a quick question for you, i'm gonna shoot you an email...

I think he just runs his mouth.

ah, he placed in a couple NAGAs in 2004. beginners divisions.

His real name is David Amerman, he graduated HS in 2000. he is not a
Bosco alumni nor has he EVER coached at Bosco, per the Head Coach, who
was my coach in HS.

Here is a blurb from his myspace page:

About me:
I am straight, Dont even ask me otherwise. But I get along with gay
people, they amuse me. Im an actor, model, eBay euntrepernour, Pool
Guy, Cabana boy, student, filmaker, soccer coach, wrestling coach, jui-
jitsu coach, mma coach, swim team coach, private swim lesson instructor,
ex skater, ex drummer, future wall street broker, Amerman/Katz
investments co-owner, substitute teacher, bartender, diver, gymnast, ex-
breakdancer, ex-swimmer, skim boarder extroadinare, power lifter,
bodybuilder, writer, golfer, gambler, dj, and working on some other
things here and there.

Also...he wrestled at Oakland Twp HS in NJ and never made it past All-
County 2nd team...let along All-American.

Everyone "Trains" these days.

I know.... when I wrestled in College everyone use to brag about being
"All-State"..I especially laughed when there were other kids from NJ on my
team telling me they were all state where I grew up.

I was at a business meeting at a client last week and one of the guys there
just started rolling at Renzo. He was trying to tell me he was a brown

belt there.

hey joe i sent you that email a little while ago, i'm a little jammed up and need some advice.


his standup was comparable to matt hamill's when they showed him sparring on that show



Was a fake on the show, looks like a fake in life too.

(OK...I admit it...I watch the damn show...LOL)


He's a clown.

Reminds me of a little kid when they say they want to be an astronaut, doctor, movie star, farmer, etc when they grow up. Funny just about every buff dude says they are a fighter nowadays.


check you mail

"Everyone "Trains" these days"-Not me, that's why I quit training and
fighting, LOL (That and I'm 35 y/o now). It's not the novelty that it once

ttt for 12 pack. anybody train w/ him?