12 String / Jumbo Questions

I have a 6 string Dreadnaught and a 12 string acoustic.

I feel like trading in my 12 string for a Jumbo.

However the Jumbo I am looking at is a Mini-Jumbo. (Seagull Entourage Mini-Jumbo)

Would you keep the 12 string and forget about getting a Jumbo?

Do mini-jumbos produce a good sound/volume like a super jumbo?

Any and all info and thoughts would be appreciated.

Epiphone EJ-200 would be my super jumbo choice but its not got a solid top which makes me want to go with the Seagull. (plus I am Canadian and I love my Canadian made acoustics)

Can hardly go wrong with Canadian made guitars imo. I love my Art & Luthier and have owned Larrivees. <br /><br />12 strings are cool but how much do you play it? Is it special to you? If not get what you really want and something you will play alot.<br /><br />I have a Gibson J185 (J200 Jr.) or "Mini Jumbo" that I love! The big J200s or those huge Guilds with an 18" lower bout just are not that comfortable to play for me. As far as volume it has a very nice tone, is maple with a spruce top, but isnt even close to as loud acoustically as my Martin D18. BUT Its primarily a stage guitar and has a fantastic tone plugged in and the neck can`t be beat.

My little parlor guitar (Art & Luthier AMI) just spanks! That little guitar is loud as hell but of course has alot of mids and lacks a big bass tone but damn does that thing cut through..

Seagull/Godin/Art&Lutherie/Simon&Patrick are all under the same company blanket if I recall. All make good instruments, that's for sure.