1200HP/1000TQ Twin Turbo Vette!


Holy crap!


Too bad it handles like crap.


Where does the line go between good handling and bad? I'm not very experienced concerning cars so it's a genuine question.

it might handle decently, given the NASCAR-like suspension pieces it has. But anything with 1200 hp is going to be a bear to drive on a road couse, that's for sure.

Fet- 'good handling' is kind of an abstract combination of a number of factors. Generally, a good handling car will be able to corner sharply at a high speed while remaining stable and predictable. The problem with a 1200 hp car is that it's going to be very easy to spin the tires when accelerating out of turns, which will cause oversteer and ultimately a spin.

'good handling' is also largely subjective.


I was being sarcastic... :)


Mark- include a winky face man! ;)

"Nothing with 1200HP will handle well...unless it's a plane, or a boat...or mabye a tank. "

Michael Schumacher might disagree.


where's peak power on that thing tho, 13000 rpm?

19,000 rpms

Did you know...

A Ferrari F1 car set at max downforce decelerates from 160 with the same force as a Z06 on a full ABS stop simply by the driver taking his foot off the gas?

19000? wow.

BMW currently have an unofficial record for revving an F1 engine, apparently they reached 19,050rpm at Monza last year. The new regs mean that this year they *only* rev to around 18 and a half.

To make a 1200bhp car handle well would take some serious work - check out the CanAm Porsche 917/30. Raced with 1100bhp and the back tyres were 19 inches wide if memory serves correctly. Apparently it handled pretty well!

Pikes Peak Specials rally cars have over 1k hp and they handle well enough.

A brabham race car had 1200 hp in race conditions and handled well enough to win the formula one world championship.

It was a 4 cylinder.

Damn, 1200hp from a 4-cylinder... Did it have VTEC or something?!? ;)

Oh, better tell that to the top fuel guys!