13%'er's at it again

When is enough enough?

It would have been enough already if it wasn’t for mainstream and social media.


13ers gonna 13.

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I’ll bet she called him the N-word… that baby was probably racist too!


Just doing the lord’s work.

I’m glad the birthing person was able to survive this one.


Dude was just righting the wrongs of 300 years of oppression.

Dont you know that POC are under assault in this country?

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Four month premature. Jesus.

Convict the motherfucker of two counts attempted murder. Then kill him.


Looks like your typical white supremacist!


Don’t forget guys, Biden just told us white supremacy is the number one threat to our homeland security. They are EVERYWHERE.


Has a white man EVER randomly stabbed a pregnant black woman walking down the street? Or randomly full on tackled a 80 year old Asian man and killed him? Or nearly anything else these animals do? But remember, diversity is our strength and white supremacy is the real threat!

I’m tired of the black supremacy movement that continues to grow in this country and plan to keep the people I love as far away from it as I can.


If they catch him, what are the odds his defense is “she used the N word!”?


This is only going to get worse. When you have the president of the United States telling people that “white supremacy “ is the biggest threat to our nation, poc are listening and they are acting on orders from the president. White supremacy isn’t even in top one thousand things that are threats to this country. The blood will be on Biden’s hands.


What even is “white supremacy” as a threat the way Xiden keeps talking about it?

If you’ve noticed, there have been exactly ZERO specific, defined terms on what it even is. Is it the KKK planning on some type of attack? Is it rogue white men that only love whites secretly “holding the black man down”? Is there some secret underground temple that contains millions of these elusive white supremacists that are going to strike any day?

The simple fact that they have the absolute nerve to state that “white supremacy is our greatest threat” proves they know their followers are room temperature IQ mouth breathers. Who buys this shit? Are we living in Idiocracy? Just throw out some nebulous term and these liberal dolts fall in line without any explanation.

Still not as bad as Tenors.

She inferred it with her eyes

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Animal scum

And fuck the liberals that enable this animal behavior.


I think it is great that America is waking up to the BLM scam. The war is coming, boys.

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Sure is. The are nearing a statistical area where they cause more problems than they solve.