13 Hours Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi - MOVIE

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It would be cool to see a SAD movie some day, but I guess this will have to do. Bay isn't as bad as everyone makes him out to be, Pain and Gain was a great movie.

He's pretty bad most of the time but I agree, Pain and Gain was fantastic. The Rock and The Island were good too.

The rest of his filmography is pretty lousy, though.

Ha, no argument here. Like 95% of the time he's a shit director, but every once in a while, he's capable of putting out a good film. 

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x FOX x - I thought it was the guy from Orange is the new black Phone Post 3.0

It's both, it's Nick Sobotka and Jim Halpert, together in a Michael Bay movie!
Sssssssshhhhhhhhheeeeeeeiiiiiiiiittttttt Phone Post 3.0

Not a single person was fired for denying heir requests for more security. Zero accountability. Phone Post 3.0

Was anyone fired for fast and furious? IRS scandal? Phone Post 3.0

And of course a Michael Bay production.

Comedy in it's purest form.

D Phone Post 3.0