13 injured at covid vaccine site from adverse reactions

I don’t think that’s correct mate… in fact I know it isn’t. they didn’t test on primates for at least 1 of the vaccines like they usually do, nor were the studies done on people as long as usual… these are new types of vaccines man.

Hey guys, it’s your body, do what you want. Just so you know, the vaccine doesn’t mean you can’t carry/get it or still give it to others. It will not end the lockdowns. The plandemic goes beyond reason.

Yes it’s correct.

Pfizer: Pfizer and BioNTech Announce Data from Preclinical Studies of mRNA-based Vaccine Candidate Against COVID-19 | pfpfizeruscom

Moderna: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmoa2024671

J&J : Johnson & Johnson starts human study of COVID-19 vaccine after promising monkey data | Reuters

AstraZeneca : Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine shows promise in animal study

I could dig up the year old data but last April they were testing the Astrazeneca vaccine on Rhesus monkey. They injected 25 monkeys with high viral loads after being given the vaccine to test for efficacy.

And yes, some of these vaccines are new tech. There is the possibility of some long term complications. But long term data for new vaccines is conducted in Phase IV trials. And that is done after the vaccine has been released to the public. That’s where we are right now.

I’m not making a case as to why someone has to take the vaccine. That’s up to the individual. But so many point out the 99.7% survival rate. But that completely ignores what many have to go through to be one of that 99.7%. If the vaccines were causing a fraction of the numbers of side effects that the virus is causing, the vaccines would never have even made it to the Phase III trials. Oxford came within a hair of cancelling the Astrazeneca vaccine in Phase III trials because two out of 17,000 people came down with transverse militus.

EY in one minute

That’s off putting.

My old man just got that shot. Thankfully he had no sort of reaction to it.


so far zero severe reactions and zero deaths from all these GLORIOUS VACCINE out of 100s of millions of DOSES!

WOW! what a track record. these vaxxes are safer than brocolli and arugula

And I sold my JNJ stock.

Well I just think if they put a little more time and effort in to making the vaccine, they probably could’ve made some good tasting chewables instead of shots. I’d probably eat a shit load of them too, but naaa they went with the old needle in the arm trick. Last time my people did that shit, my grandpa wound up with a drippy dick that took 23 years to turn off… lots of times he had to be taken to the hospital cuz of how dehydrated he was… fuck needles man.