13 second knockout??

11 lbs in 45 minutes??  Is that even possible,  seriously, tell me tell me

SERIOUSLY,  Is that possible???

They needed an encore to Season I...........

Sam Hogar


yeah if you cut off a leg at the knee

Yea, 11 lbs in 45 minutes is possible. Lots of water weight but it's possible. In a sauna though? No, I dont think so. I've lost 11+ lbs of water on the first day of wrestling practice.

I just cant see Danny walking around with 11 lbs of water weight.

11 lbs of bullshit maybe.....

Danny is a fucking idiot if you didn't catch that from the show "I'm a UFC fighter". Well, I guess you and Sean Gannon are in the same league than buddy. Which consists of, stepping into a UFC octagon and getting mauled. Congradu-fucking-lations douche bag.

11 pounds in 45 minutes is very possible.

I watched Josh Rafferty cut 7 pounds in 15 minutes once. That was actually the same event Danny cut 11 and fought for 13 seconds. This was also the event I weighed in at 156 on Friday despite stepping on the scale at 176 Thursday and pissing clementi off.

And me at 176 is pretty lean.

On a side note, I wouldnt try to do 11 in 45 minutes. I usually try to do about 7 an hour in the sauna.

In college I'd show up on average 8-9 lbs over on weigh in days.......usually day b4 trip etc. I'd run 1.5 miles , change sweats, do another 1.5 change and usually I could get the rest off in the room rolling around. Prob an hours or so, considering I had to change and dry etc...

Wrestlers who cut weight theire entire careers have it down to a science.  I just dont think this kid wrestled too much in his life.