135 amateur woman needs fight Sat in Iowa

3-0 amateur female fighter fighter at 135 needs an amateur opponent for Saturday (April 15) in Iowa at 145, or even at 155. Email Kirik@MMA.tv for more info.

My wife could use an ass kicking.

Weighs 143 right now.

135 is a lot of women to find, especially ones that actually want to fight.

I'll fight her but I wont cut weight.

Lol at there being any females in Iowa who weigh less than a buck 80 

My wife is at Planet Fitness as we speak. 

She can cut weight on the long drive wearing trash bags with the heat on high in her car. 


Will she fight a transgender athlete? Altofsky would only need to cut 10lbs to make weight!

Is this the kotc card? Mercedes timmerman is ready for anyone.

I'm sure Orcus' dance card is open. 

TTT to get this fight squared away.

That Dan Blizzard, or whatever his name is, is wanting to get an mma fight before he's too old. Try him.

RockTheVote - 

try Akeela AK Al-Hameed from mn. usually looking for fights.

You are a smart man.

Kirik I'll put her on my Myrtle Beach card 5-6-17


Who's the opponent?

i may have someone.

donkypunch55 -

Who's the opponent?

i may have someone.

I can use your girl if Kirik can't, Myrtle Beach SC 5-6-17 live at the House of Blues streaming live on FloCombat, opponent is Fotini Kandris, 3-1