14 year old girl brutally murdered in North Dakota

Nothing sends a message like a fucker hanging from a tree.
Maybe a head on a pike?



I guessed wrong again

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Yes, where were the good white people to step in and save the day???

IDGAF what the color, why do you?

He only watches the first half then shuts it off

Be quiet Landon. Nobody wants to hear your backpedaling bs.

Do the Police fail the community or is the courts to blame? Look at every scenario, some person is out on probation after being a career criminal and most of the times is viewed as the hero! This guy shouldn’t of been on the streets, I’d like to see his criminal history.


Less the police and more the courts and other systems. This POS of course had a long rap sheet. It really is amazing what you can do in this country and retain your freedom. On the other hand people can get fucked by the courts and the system disproportionately.

The fact is we have more people in this country who should be in prison locked away, not less.


what exactly do you see as the point of this film?

That white supremacists are fags that fuck each other in the ass.

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This. It’s one of the best movies ever of portraying how dumb blind racism is… 🤦

Why don’t you take a flying fucking leap, derp.

There is nothing worse than a noob who says “I was on this site in the 90’s acting like a badass and you don’t even know how great I am.”

If you are wondering why I won’t reply to you anymore, it’s because I am hitting the ignore button on your profile.

Bye bitch.


It’s not being buried it’s all over the local news here.

The last thing that happens in the movie is the reformed racist loses his brother to a black kid.

Originally the script called for the last thing we see after this was the protagonist shaving his head.

The movie basically justified his racism on a personal level but exposed posers and fakers like the jail gangs for what they are.

I dont see at ALL how this was an uplifting story on ANY level.

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I didnt say anything here about how long I’ve been on this site? Why would you even say that? It must be because you got shook when I called you Landon. So shook that you left it out of the my reply that you quoted. So shook that you wondered how I knew and proceeded to go through all my posts in an effort to figure out how I would know your name. You went all the way back to my first few posts made on this profile and saw he one time I mentioned being on here since the 90s. The problem is you didnt find anything to help figure out how I know your name. You got frustrated and scared so you decided to stick your head in the sand and block me. I broke you and made you run away like a bitch. I win, total victory.

Im done with you kow that you’ve learned your lesson and been taught that I’m not one to be messed with. Stay quiet and dont you ever say anything about me or I’ll really start dropping some info on you that will have you awake at night staring out your window and wondering how I know all about you.

Have a nice day Mr Higbee. Tell your son his real daddy says hi. :kissing_heart:

Who is this Landon Higbee you speak of ?

see now if they had just shot him like they supposedly do to all minorities that girl would still be alive…of course it would have come at the cost of millions in damages and looting though not likely in North Dakota.

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No need to be so formal, we’re all casual here. His friends call him Larry. I’m heading to Socal in a few days and was going to see if he wanted to meet for lunch together but i scared him so he’s hiding from me now. Funny because just yesterday he was calling me a bitch, punk and all kinds of mean names. Today all it took was one sentence and he folded like fresh laundry. That’s how you break a man and make him humble. Lol!