14 year old stunt rider (vid)

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This kid is amazing!!

Damm kid has skills.

That kid can ride! That is some serious control....


Thats awsome control and all, but would that get old after a while? going fast and dragging knee pucks is just so much more fun to me. to each is own I guess.

Whatever you like to do is what you should be doing on a bike. I like leaning as well, more than I'll ever probably like stunting. But don't tell me you don't pop one up from time to time. ;)

For sure, I just couldnt see sitting in a parking lot doing it for hours. Just my opinion though.

some serious sprockets on the bikes? kid has some skills...hopefully he keeps things fairly safe. seen a few "pros" around here end up losing feet/legs or their ilfe with a small slip-up. love watching that shit.

some serious sprockets on the bikes?

Yes when you set up a bike for stunts you load up a 55 to 60 tooth rear sprocket and a 14 tooth front. They also over size the rear tire and run a low psi's. If the bike normaly runs a 180 they will stunt on a 200, running at 12-15psi (normal psi is arount 30-36 depending on temps). They also dial the Idle up to arount 5K-8K RPM and put in a super heavy duty clutch.

We have set up a few bikes for this type of use - they dont last long and you have to replace the stearing stem on a regular basis. Fun to watch though.

was talking about the low speed wheelies...I'd hook my bike up by its known for weak forks so theres no play. sort of thinking about picking up an older 600 gixxer or ninja purely for stunting. got some good friends that are amazing but also know way too many people that are too stupid to keep it in a parking lot and end up killing themselves on the highway.

Best stunt bikes are the older 929 honda's and the GSXR 1000 2003-2004 models.

Strong chassis, good forks and lots of power. They are both well ballanced bikes and have a wide ballance point angle for wheelies