"145ers can't KO each other" MYTH

On the thread about choosing between SHW and FW, someone wrote this:

"That's the problem, they're too weak to hit hard."

There were a couple other comments about that as well. This is a fucking myth, plain and simple. Kid KO's big lightweights despite weighing in at 145 lbs. Takaya, Palling, Pulver, Hominick, Morkevicius, Skliaudys. All good strikers with KO power. They all have the ability to KO you with one shot. Perhaps not Hominick, but everyone else on that list does.

In boxing, the #1 power puncher in the sport right now fights at 130 lbs. Edwin Valero. 20 fights, 20 wins, 20 KO's. He won his first 18 all in the first round, and has only been past round 2 once. Not even Mike Tyson could match that kind of KO record.

Small guys can hit, too.

I can't believe anyone even suggesting they would rather see sloppy, gass in 2 minutes, talent-less, SWH instead of ultra-exciting 145lbs fighters.

What the fuck is wrong with some people? Fucking retards.

strongly agree.

ps. ryan, will post that p vs p fight soon.

Some people are just ignorant. I think if they trained or sparred with guys like Pulver or Kid they would be shocked how hard they hit.

Small guys can hit hard, but there are weight divisions for a reason too.

one of the best knockouts i've seen was at 140 lbs (rocky long vs. jarrett
becks). the lighter divisions are a lot of fun to watch because the fighters
are so well rounded and they seemingly have unlimited energy.

i remember a certain popular member here once posted that floyd mayweather jr would beat him in a boxing match but not KO him, LOLOL

Some people are idiots

alot of ppl are idiots

Maybe it's more the fact that fat super heavies just lack toughness and can't take a punch from a guy their own size.

I said one punch KO ability. Maybe he has it, but I personally haven't seen it.

"I said one punch KO ability. Maybe he has it, but I personally haven't seen it."

hominick is a technical fighter. he doesnt look for the KO every punch. when he sees an opening, he gets the KO. unlike many fighters, he uses his jab very well. which eventually sets up a knock out punch

I know. I included him in that list of other KO artists at 145 because he hits hard and scores plenty of KO's. He's more of a wear-you-down type striker, though. That's why I excluded him from the list of everyone else who all have shown ability to KO someone with one strike on several occasions, something I haven't seen Hominick do.

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Michael Carbahal was knocking bitches out left and right and he was only 130-40. AND WITH BOXING GLOVES

Carbajal fought at like 108 - 112 lbs.

I am not sure the statistics at all, but there is no way in boxing the kayo rate is way higher as you get heavier.