145lb WOMAN needed 7/10

Looking for an opponent to fight Michelle Farrow on July 10th in COMBAT ZONE 7 in Revere Mass.Please E-mail or call me at 978-828-2149 Bruce Marshall

look on the mma forum at theiscf.com a girl by the name of tonya from LA Boxing in atlanta is looking for a fight. not sure on the weight but its a start.

Amanda Buckner should be healthy by then, not sure if GG wants that fight or not.

but e-mail me anyway beanz4@msn.com



I'm not 145 lol

I'll Fight anyone 155 and under no matter who it is.


Damnit! I seen this thread and was like "YES THIS COULD BE IT" then I seen who needed the fight and said all shit I'm too scared! ;(

Good Luck finding an opponent Michelle!


Hi sexz I hope you have been doing great :) Their are quite a few women who'll fight me. Sometimes fights come down to timing some people have busy scheduels sometimes contracts don't go through things like that but you already know that. I only have a fight or 2 left in me then I have to hang it up :(

These young girls are incredible athletes now a days and are going to take womens MMA fighting to a new level. I'm probably one of the last original woman MMA fightrs left and my time is winding down also :(

Good luck and keep training hard :)


Aloha Michelle!

I've been doing fine thank you! How about yourself?

It doesn't matter how young they are or how incredible they are. You know you still kick ass and will go down in Womens MMA history as one of the first female fighters ever. Let me know how it goes. You know I need all the inspiration I can get. =)

Good luck trying to find opponents!

ttt 155 and under Sorry Michelle Lets make this happen I know New England would love to see you ==Bruce

awesome, i love having my friends from home getting fights here!! TTT for GRAPPLE GIRL


Nice talking with you this am.

Amanda is good to go if we agree on terms discussed.

Jay is in as well... looking forward to hearing from you.



Hi sexz and Jed.

Trust me it age does matter lol youth is a terrible thing to waste. I would bet one of these days a Fight is going to happen for you :) they always seem to come out of know where to me when you least expect it.

To me now it's all about just having fun :) In the old days I just wanted to win know matter what! now fun is the most important thing I'm trying to stress. Maybe thats because it's not fun anymore to me :( I just want to have fun now win or lose!!

One of thse days I would not be supprised if I saw you or any of the other girls in the UFC. I know their has been a lot of talk about it but it's just a matter of time before they actually do it I'm sure.... Time, something I don't have :(

Jed if I get to come back there you better be cheering for me :) It would be great seeing you again also :)

Bruce I'm going to call you this evening I hope you don't mind.


Grapple Girl Please call 978-828-2149 after 430-- I have a private to teach then i will be free Later Bruce

Hope you find an opponent michelle, your an awesome gal!
Seen one of your fights and it was great. Just wanted to drop that in.
aloha, aj


Hi adrienna j Thank you very much for the kind words.

I have been hearing so many nice things about Bruce :)

I'm going to call you at 4:30 my time Bruce that's 7:30 your time I hope it's ok :)


If nothing works out, Jennifer Howe would take the fight.


call me. I want to make sure things are set for next week.


Sven... I'll call tomorrow... all is set!!!

Monte I would like to talk to you about Howe Purcell. Can you hit me up on aim next time you are on?