145lbs. for April 30.2004 Hawaii

I'm looking for a 145lbs to fight April 30.2004.

I would perfer someone in the westcoast area. If interested call or email me second2none@hawaii.rr.com or 808-330-4483


Brennan hook me up with a chick to fight.

call or email me lets see what we can do.

I have 2 wins in Superbrawl. I just sent you my info.....Joe Jordan


I taught you fight at 155lbs. Where do you live

I fight at 155lbs or 145. I have a few fights in at 143.3lbs in Shooto. It takes a few weeks to make that weight but if I have time, I can make 145lbs.

I live in Iowa and train full time with MFS. I moved here right after my fight with Jens Pulver. Pat and the guys are great. Let me know if we can work something out........Joe Jordan

I sent you an email Brennan.

Whats up Joe have you seen my girl AJ around?

I live in the west coast or have another fighter at that weight!

icee let me know hit me up with an email let me know what we got

I'm 2-0 versus Hawaii.....Joe Jordan

sexz~are you serious? Your gonna make your fight
debut this soon?

i emailed everyone who emailed me sorry just woke up work late last night

I return from CANADA on MONDAY. I will e-mail you.

Shannon "The Cannon"

Kevin, amateur only!

Amateur MMA or Kickboxing? Good luck in your first

bren show some love to the boys on guam who always bring your guys out...

Kevin check email!

You have mail


I think u got the wrong Kamaka I never been to Guam but if you have a guy let me know my email and number is on the top


email me soon i will make a descion tomorrow

nova1 you probably meant Kai?

Brennan thanks for the laugh and the ego boost!