145lbs. for April 30.2004 Hawaii


#1 Rank Shooto Stephen Paling

Paling always brings fireworks!!!!


Guys i really apperciate the phone calls and also the emails!!

I hope you have nextel free incoming lol


hey brennen so i guess i am to far away for this fight .will maybe we can do something in the future then.thanks for asking me first for the fight.

chad washburn

how far are you?


Thanks Chad!!

sorry bout that..

Bring in Menjivar !!!

Dell hawkins!

so chad washburn is'nt on the card anymore?


sexz~ I checked my e-mail but got nothing. I have a
spam detector on that account and it may be
deleting e-mails. Try again, also I sent you an
e-mail and was wondering if you got it?

Yeah I got your email thank you so much!

Please someone make Del Hawkins vs Nike Knight happen it would be a war in arizona.

so who are you fighting?

Antonio is a cool guy bring him back down!

Hey shannon make a fight happen I would love to go to the show and put on a good show. Make it happen cut the deal and sign the line they need another Filipino over there like me. Del the filipino delight Hawkins

haha cute name!

Del Hawkins and Nike Knight huh? I'd like to see that.

MENJIVAR fought SHAOLIN(Shooto Chmapion) and was a very good fight, he lost by points, but even SHAOLIN sad that MENJIVAR is very tough.

I think you guys shoud give him a chance..You will not be disappointed...


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