My name is James Haourt. I train tia , with an instructer from tialand, boxing with a good national boxing coach from barrie, and have a solid ground game.
If any of the pramoters in Canada want to give me a shot please,get back to me at jfh148@yahoo.ca

Do you train in TIALAND or in Canada? If in Canada where do you train?

I train in barrie with Noi who moved here from thialand 2 years ago.


I know it's not TIALAND!! LOL

Where did you learn your ground game?

I with out a dout believe I can contend with
anyone in the 145pound weight class,not to be
cocky, I am just looking for a chance to prove

I trained Pankration for a few years, and have
trained bjj off and on for the last 4 years
with a number of different training partners.

I wasn't making a comment on your post yl2

TKO give this guy to Hominick!!!!

Mark Hominick, is actually a friend of mine,
I would love to fight anyone aside from
him,like Bocek or Curran.

TTT! set it up

Bocek or Curran????

You must be pretty good??????

I don't mind fighting to work my way up, but I do know
I can give any fighter in my weight a run for there money.

You need to get a hold of the guys at www.teamtompkins.com

He's got a tourney coming up.

set this guy up with Bocek....