15,000 Gym Needs Wrestler...

I have a 15,000 sq ft gym in Kansas City, MO. I teach boxing and Muay Thai but need a Quality Wrestler with Jiu-Jitsu experience. An individual with CREDIBLE fighting experience is preferred but history and/or demonstrative knowledge is also ok. Looking to create a gym that EXCELS in all combative fields - Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and Jiu-Jitsu. I am very interested in touching base with someone on this. It will be a lucrative endeavor tho' start-up would be min. By end of year income would be satisfactory for all. It is in Kansas City, Mo. and fights will be planned monthly or bi-monthly to cover all costs. It is centrally located in KC and within 1.5 miles of all major highways. Potential is UNBELIEVABLE as Kansas City is WAY behind in MMA development but with very good nationally ranked wreslters who wnat to compete but there are no quality gyms here that teach the complete package. This Gym would be the FIRST and offers an avenue to do nothing but grow. Hosting a Golden Gloves Fight on Feb. 21, 2004 with Muay Thai Fights. want to do GG Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai MONTHLY. CAN BE DONE - I NEED STRONG GROUND GUY, and STRONG BOXING COACH. Hit me at this email bigdiesel3x@combatsportskc.com and the website (under construction) is at www.nextlevelkc.com

You'd think some random Brazilian would jump on top of this...



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Date: 03/16/04 10:59 AM
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Guilherme A. Maia, BJJ Black Belt under Ricardo De La Riva, is looking for a new home to teach BJJ, Submission Wrestling and NHB/Vale Tudo. He is a strong fighter and a good teacher with many champions from his academy in Brazil.
Gui is willing and able to reloacte to the United States or Canada to develop and maintain a program for BJJ. He is well educated with a Degree in Business Adminstration and is able to work on all aspects with a partner including marketing, sales, web design etc.

You can reach him for more info at guicarioca@uol.com.br or call Chris Malgeri at 248-616-0580 for a contact in the US.