15 more bars to 60 !!!

It's been a really shitty grind with more ganks then XP points, but I'm just about there.

FOR THE TARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't do un goro at that level, just go next door to silithus to finish it off. Plenty to kill around there


Dude you're a fucking machine

Then you can help me grind eh? Un goro? Blasted Lands? WPL?

Sure, I'd like to help everyone level. I'll work my Druid alt too.

Dang, I'm wiping tears of joy from my eyes to see little newb seanster all grown up....

thanks man, it's because of all of you veterans. Special thx to Jonwell for helping me with selecting a good shammy build and for you guys taking me to instances early when we are all in our 20s. And everyone else on this board who lends advice. I'm not afraid of my newbness...I embrace it.

Dude you're a fucking machine

LOL. But, my jiu-jitsu skills are gone and I'm getting fat.

do you work? yes a machine with no apparent social life

Absolutely and I have a shitty commute. But, I own my own business and mostly do contract consulting. Yes, I have no social life. I have a 4-year-old and my wife is prego...so we don't get out much these days. Instead we both have WoW accounts and DVR. :-)

lol, if I were single right now I'd just find the cleanest hookers possible I guess. Either that, or stock up on some good porn. Cheaper anyways.