15-year-old boy drowning as friends point & laugh

Wat Phone Post 3.0

Did he die?

Pretty sure he was being attacked by either Jaws or the Loch Ness Monster

Horrifying footage of 15-year-old drowning filmed on mobile phone by laughing friends shocks China

Footage shows the teenager getting into difficulty in a river in Hunan

Friends thought it was a joke because he had chosen to jump in

They decided to film him on a phone and can be heard laughing as he disappears from view

Paramedics arrived on the scene but confirmed the boy had died


Ha drowning, classic

China lost empathy for one another long ago. I still remember that video of the kid hit by a car and people just walking by. 

Friendly friends sure are friendly

Something had a hold on that kid. It was jerking him all over the place. Phone Post 3.0

This is why I cant wait to leave this place 0_o Phone Post 3.0

GotDrunkChangedSn - This is why I cant wait to leave this place 0_o Phone Post 3.0
Well good news - apparently you can just get some shitty Asian friends and go jump in that river. Phone Post 3.0

Baek Doo San - Fukn Chinese.
They place no value on the lives of others.

atheist country. now lets throw another baby girl into the river aka chinese abortion

^ the eye holes dont need to be that large in the hockey mask now.

Very sad. Poor kid. Wonder what difficulty it was. Phone Post 3.0

What the fuck... At first it looked to me like he was super far away for some reason, like he had jumped down a cliff or something and his friends were at the top. Not sure why. But nope, at the end you see they're right fucking there and do nothing as he flails away with his head underwater. Death via drowning for all the "friends", IMO Phone Post 3.0

My first reaction when someone jumps in the water and starts acting weird is he's playing around. Why would he jump in if he doesn't know how to swim? Something is fishy here. Phone Post 3.0

Why they no help? Phone Post 3.0

Why was he only using one arm to try to float? Phone Post 3.0