15 year old phenom

Oct 13th at saboba casino in SanJacinto California
15 year old Cody Bam Bam Bollinger returns to the cage to fight new comer 25 year old John ''Bone Crusher'' Sveed. In KING oF tHE Cage BOOYAA
CODY Began Martial Arts at 4 years old recieving his first BB in Korean Martial Arts.
Cody recieved his first State championship in wrestling at the age of ten and has recieved 4 california state championships since.
Cody recieved His blue belt at 11 years old from Joe Stevenson and Tedd williams
Cody has won Grapplers Quest in his division and taken 4th in the Advanced Mens Division
Cody Has travelled to Japan,china,Mongolia and the Ukraine olympic training center to hone his martial arts skills. He is presently 2-0 in MMA and is biting at the bit to return to competition.Currently training under Joe Stevenson, Franklin Aguirre,Omar love and Marc laimon
He also owes thanks to javi vasquez,romie aram,gabe Godzilla ruedigger Betisse superman monsourri,and Gokor
Come see this Young Man develop his allready Tight skills OCTOBER 13TH FOR TICKETS call 760 810 5972
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Sherdog fight finder I dont have access to do pics

thats wrong that he received his blue belt at 11. at the very most he should have gotten a green belt. wait til 16 please

walbj Tell that to the purple belts Hes tapping it would look kinda silly.

Um Skittles , That is little Hercules.

God has blessed him to be able to compete at a lower level pro.Please drink your Hatoraide on another thread.

Hercules wouldnt have a chance.

^ No Shit ! Here ya go Cap b4 your lip starts to pout.

That shits cool in my book.

xyience sponsorship also. Tony Galindo is training a Youngen also.

Zach Taylor was a 15 year old kid that came to the Bull Pen and asked Tony to teach him how to fight.  Ever since he had seen Tony in 'King of the Cage' he had been a fan.  Tony said he would train him and help him as much as he could as long as Zach followed his strict regimen of training.

Dedicated and a perfect pupil, Tony took on this prodigy and molded him into a perfect fighting athlete.  After training for only six months, Zach entered advanced grappling tournaments and could not be tapped by elders with years of experience over him.  Now after one year of training, he entered his first NHB fight and won in less than a minute with a rear naked choke while figure fouring his opponent's body

Bam Bam vs. Zach . Zuffa .......................................

I've heard alot about Zach Taylor, he actually posts over on sherdog too

Karo and Petruzelli were doing it in diapers.