15 years ago today RIP my bro

That is horrific.  So sorry man

That really sucks. Both my parents are gone and if I lost my brother or sister I think it would wreck me to the point that I would become a hermit living by train tracks who mumbles to himself. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry for your loss man, fuck drunk drivers Phone Post 3.0

Ever think about tracking the guy down? Even if not serious about acting on it, do you ever "fantasize" about it or anything?

Very sorry for your loss, RIP. Phone Post 3.0

cuzzi - My bro and 3 other kids were struck by a drunk driver they all died except the drunk guy.Man I miss my bro
Please dont drink and drive. Phone Post 3.0

I lost my only sibling (sister) when I was 30 she was 28. I feel your pain I still cry once in a while thinking about her.

It sucks when people die young. My dad is 67 and if he died tomorrow I would not be as devastated.

Rhys91 - RIP! Don't mean to be a insensitive but how do you deal with that? I couldn't even begin to imagine :( Phone Post 3.0

For me personally it's something I will never get over. I am not depressed or anything like that but if she was still alive I would be happier.

May he rest in peace.  Good vibes and prayers your Way.


RIP Cuzzi's Bro

Very sorry for your loss, lost my older brother to an idiot who was driving stoned , he was killed on his daughters first birthday Phone Post 3.0

Sorry to hear that. I lost my best friend to a drunk driver (actually, I think it was meth and alcohol) about 15 years ago too. I can never remember the exact date, I think I have a partial mental block on that whole time period.

R.I.P. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry man that sucks. Phone Post 3.0

Rip Phone Post 3.0