150$ Annual Tax For Electric Vehicle Owners

Our provincial budget was released yesterday and in it was a one hundred and fifty dollar road tax added in it. The EV drivers are upset but I see the forward thinking by our provincial government.

Right now when we pay for fuel at the pumps about fifteen cents per litre goes to the upkeep and maintenance of our roads around the province. “Road tax”.

The EV owners don’t pay that but still use the roads. As we see a switch to more and more EVs we are going to need to come up with the money from somewhere for our roads. It seems like the government is looking to the future.

Now the EV owners in the province are butthurt.

So how would a plug in hybrid work? Is that the loophole?

I thought one of the benefits of buying an EV were certain perks. Like not paying certain taxes and using HOV lones alone.

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If they only take 15 cents for road maintenance, where does the other 75 cents gas tax go?

My buddy has a Prius and gets hit with a $75.00 yearly tax in WA state. Its so ridiculous.

So that’s the equivalent of us fuel burners buying 1000 litres of fuel. I wonder what the average is for litres of fuel burnt?

i have no problem with this tax.

what scares me is when they start talking about a mileage tax, and they are not specifying that it is only for electric vehicles. Therefore, somebody with a gasser would be taxed for mileage and fuel.

I probably do a ballpark of 2000 liters per year. So this would be around $300 in taxes.

honestly, im probably closer to 3000 liters per year. 450$

ev owners still making out

There’s way for than 15 cents tax/dollar on fuel. Maybe that’s all they put to road work and the rest goes to general revenue.

I mean from the tax at each level from refinery to the pump. It’s all taxed, so multiple times. It’s a great system.