155, 170, 185, 205, Hvywt! :)

All promoters!!!

I have fighters from MFS willing and ready to fight at all of these weights! Please contact me at BZLJJ@AOL.COM to receive a list of all of the fighters that I am currently working with. I will keep the list updated, as there will be changes as more fighters are added to the list!

Thank you! :)

I would prefer to send an email, as this way, I can keep current with what promoters have the list, and can send updated lists to them! :)

that was a cheap LOL


Mike C needs a fight :).


LOL!!! I know, I know! :)

By the way, where did all of the other posts go? Apparently, someone got banned? :(

TTT for ya!


Please help me keep this at the top for a few days. I have had a few promoters get a hold of me already! I appreciate it! :)


ttt for BZLJJ!

TTT for Turd boy! What about me at 145?

Chris Keller is definitely one of my guys at 155! :) He is a hard worker in the gym and I look forward to getting him some fights very soon!

Although, I wouldn't recommend taking him to a strip club and then to IHOP anytime soon! ;)

ttt 4 Ron & Mike

Mike is definitely another one! :)LOL at "Heavyweight TimmyH" wishing that he could make 145! TimmyH, you aren't in 2nd grade anymore! Hell, you are almost retirement age!!! ;)

please send me the list:



Ummm...let's just say that Chris has two different sides to him, one in the gym, and one when you add alcohol! ;) Yes, his girlfriend was there too! lol



ttt for more emails!!! :)


check your e-mail


Sven BOOGIE Bean


Thanks Sven! :) You also have email! ;)