155 ers = Napoleon Complex

most these guys are so trying to prove how "big" they are...and what's with all the crying? Ruediger then Cole miller...

Manny blowing up was ridiculous too. I'll give Diaz the benefit of the doubt because he's from stockton...

That shit was embarrassing just to watch. Why would you contently be trying to fight on a show that demands you fight to win. And did anyone hear Manny saying he was ready to leave? It doesn't even make sense to me.

Miller I can understand.. It was an emotional victory for him. Gabe just cried because of the fat jokes.

manny talking about packing his bags and leaving. i too was like WTF? he was also teary eyed while freaking out.

by the way... what girl in their right mind would have anything to do with a crazy fucker like that. he just put nails in the coffin. wow, can you say unpredictably violent and obviously mentally unstable.

Easy on the 155'ers

JOE....except for you of course....:)^^^

"Napolean was above average height when he was alive so what does the complex have to do with?"

Napolean was 5' 2" as measured by the brits after he died. don't know if that was average back then...