15k to invest, Bitcoin?

Any advice on this?

Yes thanks to XNate. Like he said make sure to get verified on the exchanges and get familiar with how to buy/sell/etc by working with small amounts. He suggested using Coinbase Pro, and Kraken seems to be a decent alternative if you don’t mind the wire fees. Obviously do your own research as to which is the best one for you.

After purchasing the assets, you’ll move them to cold wallet storage if you want to HODL, where you can store all your crypto in one hardware device. Trezor and Ledger seem to be the best options available.

Basically just read all of XNate’s posts and then follow up in the other threads that he posted.

@Kirik @Chris can I please buy Pro Memberships for a few of the gents in this thread?

probably the safest play. there are other coins to hodl and will be more profitable, but that comes with greater risk of course. BTC is pretty safe investment i’d think. i don’t hold any myself but I can acknowledge that. good luck in your crypto journey.

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Thank you sir, going to keep it simple as possible. With how things have been going it seems wise to invest in many areas.

dont wire funds. go coinbase pro or binance and then send the coins that you just bought where you want them to go. binance is a reasonable on ramp.

not saying there is anything wrong with kraken, just the wire fees. and if you dont need the services of kraken, no need to send anything to them.

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