16 Days til "It's On" (Video)

It's On

Saucy! I got the posters and I started dishing them out to everyone I know! Thanx again!

exciting :-)

Hey sauclv33, I assume you work for Zufa. Couple of questions for UFC 47. Do you know if they are going to be ending the event 45 minutes early again and not showing a single prelim, read a celebrity list for 15 minutes, pan out to the audience at every available chance to show us at home what wonderful celebrities are in the audience, and encourage more useless banter by Joe Rogan?

Hopefully it will be about the fighters and the fights this time, and not all the useless crap filtering its way into the previous 2 UFC's, as well as poor programming decisions.

Hey Arnisguy. Please tell us all about the exciting MMA event you're promoting that we all should watch instead of the UFC.

nice video.

"Hey Arnisguy. Please tell us all about the exciting MMA event you're promoting that we all should watch instead of the UFC."

I'm not a promoter, but I am looking forward to Pride in April. I have not encountered the problems I mentioned for the previous Pride pay per views I've ordered.

I don't care about what celebrities are in the audience, I don't car about hearing a celebrity list read for 15 minutes, I don't care about listening to Joe Rogan waste time with idle banter, and I don't like having an event end 45 minutes early when I've paid for that 45 minutes that could have been filled with fights. I care about the fighters, and seeing the fights, is that hard for you to understand?

Not hard to understand at all. In fact I could do without the celeb list too. I want to see the prelims as well. I hate the dead space on the end of the PPV.

But at least we have it. I like Pride as well but sometimes I think that we forget that UFC is just really coming along.

cant wait!!

Shaq Daddy


Hi saucylv33,
Thanks for the posters. I covered the OC with them. I have also met a lot of new UFC fans. Thanks again. See you April 2.

Repressent the HB!!!

Cool. Anyone else see Tito drop a straight elbow?

The posters to UFC fans to deliver is a great idea.

click, click boom.


that song sucks

arnisguy, there's plenty of other threads to bring up that stuff on.

You know, I love these highlight videos that people put together. is there anywhere people can get a whole bunch of them other than on kazaa?



does anyone know if we will get it in Aust?