16 UFC fighters released last week

Not surprised but almost all of them. Davonte Smith surprised me a little. I knew Barry was gone after that shit fight against Jackson.


Need to release about 300 more.


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Kris Moutinho was the guy that took like 400 punches to the head vs O’Malley then was hanging out eating an icecream sandwich back stage, right? Shame.

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Yeah but he got walked through in the first round after that.

Surprised Jackson wasn’t cut. Probable cause he got eye fucking gouged bad. But he is not UFC caliber. Wonder why they resigned him in the first place.

They didn’t want to make it too obvious he was signed because they hoped he was bad enough for CM Punk to get a win.

Both fighters Paddy beat got cut lol

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They seem to be given Paddy the MVP Bellator cans to get more wins/UK fans

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To be fair to Paddy, his pay is extremely low for the attention he gets. Plus his opponents outside of the UFC weren’t exactly killers, so they’re managing they’re investment in him quite well.

Dana also seems to get along rather well with the Barstool folks. That probably factors in, too.