160 to 135 in 2 months

Hey everyone,

I have my second pro MMA fight on May 30th. I am out of shape right now and am weighing 160. My fight is at 135. I know, I know... it is a little extreme. But I am very disciplined, and would like some tips on what type of diet/conditioning I should be doing. I know I cannot drop down to 135 lbs in 2 months, I am aware that I will probably have to do some major sauna time and so forth for the weigh ins. But any tips are appreciated. I will literally do anything to make the weight.

Damn... I'm struggling with going down from 160 to 150..

How much water weight have you dropped in the past?

If this is your first time. Then i wouldnt recommend dropping more than 8 pounds the days before the weigh in.

I would eat only lean meats like chicken. Cut out beef and the crappy types of fish. Cut out dairy completely if you eat it. Cut some of the carbs

Drink LOTS of water. Do extra sessions of cardio aside from your regular practises

24 hours before the weigh ins. Cut out all food and water completely. Get a plastic suit. And jumprope or cycle or shadowbox in the sauna. I would limit my sessions to 30-40 min. You should lose 3-4 pounds each session

After the weigh in. Immediatly drink water with electrolytes. Drink it slowly and then you can start to recover. Dont go and eat junk food because you have cravings for it. You will be sick. Eat the same kind of food you did during diet. Watch your urine it needs to become lighter since you have been dehydrated

You should immediatly increase your cardio for now and go on a diet. Try to make a few test runs in the sauna and see how you feel. Its important otherwise you might get fucked on the weigh ins

Dont sell yourself short either. Dropping to 135 and being out of shape at 160 in 2 months is way different than being ripped at 160 and dropping to 135 in 2 months

Just increase your cardio and go on a diet and you will see the weight will shed pretty good just on that

i went from 142 to 125 in 8 weeks so its possible for sure

Thanks a lot Diego, thats some great advice. I have been eating a lot of lean protein but have been eating a lot of beef as well, I'm gonna cut it to mainly chicken breast. I have never really cut much weight in the past, the lowest I have fought at before was 147.

Thanks useless as well.



last ttt, anymore help appreciated, if people could ttt this for me would be appreciated

Today this was my diet so far

10:45 am: slice of whole weat bread with about one a half tablespoons of peanut butter spread on

1:45 pm: can of tuna over a salad of lettuce and spinach. added some olive oil and black pepper, along with a small amount of a thai chili sauce

4:00 pm: same as 145 pm, but mixed greens instead of spinach.

I have been drinking water constantly. I have training from 9:30 pm to 11 pm and I think I will do some cardio before that.

same day or next day weigh in the biggest factor. i learnt the hard way.

I would change the bread to some oatmeal and a protein shake

Its ok to eat some snacks during the day. By snacks i mean fruit or maybe some almonds

If you have time. I would do cardio in the morning when i wake up. And maybe 20 min at night

Also step away from the oils. At this point they are empty calories.

If you can walk, in shape, at 150, then it shouldn't be too extreme.

The weigh ins are the day before. So I should completely cut out olive oil? I've never really eaten oatmeal before, what kind is the best to get? And advice on a protein shake?

I am weighing like 162 right now actually, I figure if I get to 145 I will be ok to cut 10 lbs or so.

I think you'd find E3Live helpful. It'll curb your appetite but give you lots of vital nutrients and extra energy.

How tall are you?


I am about 5 foot 5 or five foot 6


Can I pick that up at a place like GNC or do I need to get it online?

again, thanks a lot for the help guys. I am new to all of this.


I would rather you drop as much weight possible during diet than having to cut in the sauna. The less in the sauna the easier.

So with only 8 weeks to your fight. Yes i would drop the olive oil. Its good for you but its extra calories that you dont need at this point

For protein powder. Its not that big of a difference. Mostly marketing. But optimum nutrition 100% whey tastes good and is pretty cheap. Pick a flavour you like. Dont know about brands of oatmeal you guys have in the states. But if you dont want to eat it the traditional way, you can mix it with your protein and some fruit like BJ does


Not sure about availability for E3Live. I buy it at health food stores (all the ones around Toronto I frequent seem to carry it). The website is www.e3live.com. Good luck!

Velocity Diet IMHO

*ducks for cover