160 to 135 in 2 months



No more advice (I have no experience doing what you're doing) but by all means keep us posted. This is interesting.

I have been dieting pretty hard for about 2 weeks but have experienced little to no weight loss. I am afraid I have cut down my calories too much, possibly slowing my metabolism down?

Also, the past 2 weekends I have gone out drinking (vodka and diet coke) I know alcohol raises estrogen levels which keeps the fat on you, I know I need to cut that out. It is hard being a college student and training seriously for a fight. Damn it.

It's tough man, but you gotta really go for it to get to where you want to go. No more Diet Coke (regardless of the vodka!).


Calm down man. I am only human and make mistakes. I am also 20 years old, I'm not Randy Couture here :) I never got drunk on any of those occasions, I had about two mixed drinks. Its not like I was out there slamming beers and doing shot after shot. Obviously I am done doing any type of drinking with 2 months left to go, as of the past week I am completely dedicated. I don't see why you need to insult me, I have always thought you were a good poster. A real loser is someone who acts that way over an internet forum.

Sure the booze and sodas were a mistake, but don't beat yourself up for it. What's done is done, just try and stay focused on your goal for the next couple of months, then you can enjoy yourself, get loaded, and bang lots of college broads.


It sounds like you have alot of work ahead of you. If you want, I actually just finished my personal training course and am going to NIU for the Dietitian program. If you want, I can do some research for you and whip something up. I also need to lose some weight for a couple grappling tournaments so definately hit me up. One supplement that I can recommend of the bat in addition to your training is Lipo6. It's bodybuilding.com 's #1 fat burner for a couple years now i think. It will hlpe you lose weight by burning fat as well as water because it contains some caffeine in it (since caffeine is a natural diuretic it will make you pee alot more). Just something you might want to consider...


Stay away from fat burners. No offense, but if you're going to be a dietitian, I'd really re-think offering that kind of advice.

Do not use a diuretic at this point!

You want your body to hold in as much water as possible for the actual cutting in the sauna later. Dieting to lose fat and going down a weightclass are completely different

YJ losing weight is not as complicated as one would think. Its all about burning more calories than you take in

How much cardio are you doing? Add a 20 min session before bed.


Don't know if this will work as an incentive or not...

But, if you make the weight (and I'm sure you will) I'll wear a t-shirt to your fight that states:

"You have made a huge and terrible mistake."


Dan-That is a great and hilarious idea. Maybe I will get in touch someone to make shirts to sell instead of looking for sponsors...So what is acceptable to drink? Just water? Black coffee out of the question? I've been doing 30-45 min of cardio in the morning, but I hurt my knee running a couple days ago and stopped for the last two days. I'm gonna start doing cardio in the morning for 45 min then do 30 min at night in addition to training.

If your knee's hurt, I'd do lots of rounds of intense shadow boxing. Shadow boxing's great because you can do it anywhere, with very little space, and can work up a great sweat. Same with jumping rope.

 There is no such thing as fat burners, so lets get that squared away, the only real fat burner is your body but even then its tricky.

1) Eat every two to three hours

its proven to stimulate your metabolism,balance blood sugar,lower body fat and improve health and performance. A fighters training beats the vitamins out of your body, healthy and regular eating puts it all back and allows you to keep a steady pace.

2)Eat complete Lean Protein with every meal

try to eat between 40-to-60 grams per meal, protein stimulates your metabolism,improves muscle mass while reducing body fat (used up as energy) hence Protein and your muscles are the only real fat burners.

3)Eat Vegetables with each meal

Protein and grains present acid loads, to much of this and the inbalance causes loss of bone strenght and muscle mass leading to a fat ass lol to balance this you must consume Alkaline found in Veggies(organic is better) it also contains Phytochemicals for optimal Physiological funtion. Taking a "greens" supplement or powder is ok too.

4)Drink only Water

A little coffee is ok, green tea better, no liquor, I hate that part, f*ck!

5)42 meals a week

plan ahead, make some food the night before or the morning of, this is where we mostly fail, consistency is the key in this diet, make sure foods are available to you when its time to eat, otherwise we tend to go out and eat junk. Now here is a plus to this, you can have 4 cheat meals and not feel bad about it, sometimes the body gets lazy and get used to the fact we are doing the work so a cheat meal allows you to keep the body thinking and to grant you some good eating, a missed meal is a cheat meal so be careful, enjoy them  when you most go out, saturday night, sundays brunch whatever, but jump back on the diet after.



 What a rough day should look like.

8AM-Cup of cooked oatmeal, 3 WHOLE egg omelet, slice of low fat cheese

10:30-2 scoops of Whey protein (Syntha6 or ON is best)

1PM-1 can white tuna, 2slices of whole wheat bread, 1 tbsp fat free mayo, add veggies, the more colors the better, mix in.

3:30PM-Yogurt and cut fresh fruits,mix

5:30PM-Scoop of whey with banana(banana should be EEEEEASY for you to swallow ramy lol) banana helps fight of cramps(this is pre-work out)

7PM(post workout) 1 scoop whey/casein protein

9PM-9oz Tilapia,asparagus,2 cups of salad, oil/viniger, olive oil is OK to consume, 2 tbsp

10PM-(bed time) 8oz of low fat cottage cheese


 Coffee has been proven to release fat from fat cells,boost muscle strength and blunts muscle pain when taken one hour before training, don't listen to the tree huggers, new studies just came out and it has shown that it prevents cordiovascular disease and diabetes. Take 100-300 mg every 4 hours


I don't know if for your personal reasons you can't eat shell fish (where glucosamine is taken from) but Glucosamine is awesome for joints, or try  collagen/gelatin some are of mixed pig,cow,sheep,chicken but I know there are some that a ONLY taken from chicken, so read the label,its used as an anti-inflammatory for the joints and relives pain.

Wow, Dave, good info. And nah I can eat anything.

So I can still drink coffee huh? I'm assuming I shouldn't add anything to it (splenda or equal or whatever). I do drink unsweetened green tea, so thats good to go. How much would 100-300 mg of coffee be? A small cup before training is ok?

As far as the diet, don't you think that may be too many calories for me to ingest on a daily basis? Also interesting that you say whole egg omelet, whats your opinion on whole egg vs egg whites only? Thanks a lot for your time Dave, after the fight we are gonna have a great time.

Avoid artificial sweeteners in everything.

So things like diet red bull and diet energy drinks are out of the question?