17-Year-Old Pushes Away Bear: ‘I Didn’t Know I Had It In Me’

She is lucky the bear didn’t have a sword!

Would you rather have a sword vs a bear or a knife? Spear would be ideal throw I reckon but one swat from the bear and the spear is gone.

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Now you’re talking about keeping someone at distance, not entering distance.

So spear, for sure.

Good point, that could have gotten ugly very quickly. The odds of that situation are heavily favored in her getting maimed

I love all types of wildlife but I don’t want to live in an area where bears just walk into my backyard

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shes got balls like caitlin jenner

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Not sure why, but “the bear shover” made me chuckle. Audibly. I chuckled audibly.


“I didn’t even know I had it in me.”
She said it didn’t even register that it was a bear until after.
She’s not brave, she’s just stupid.


Shes a thug and a criminal. Nobody mentioned she kidnaps a dog at the end of the video. Bear was just trying to protect all the canines.


The bear was in her yard naked.

I think we know what he was trying to do.

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Did you just assume the bear’s gender?!?!?


Fight Reaction GIF

Mix of brave and stupid. You need these 2 qualities to make things happen in certain situations


Crazy situation.

Bear seemed dumbfounded…

Surprised that small dog came out OK, looks like the bear got a good seat at it

Shit is wild. Yeah, she’s a cutie with good maternal instincts to match a mama bear.

Three things:

  1. Hell yeah.
  2. That was a color phase black bear, not a brown bear.
  3. That takes nothing away from that chick. I’d ride into battle with her any day.

Girl was game. She’s a real one.

That’s maternal instinct by the bear and the girl. She’ll make a good momma some day.

Imagine if you are a legit trained martial artist, your girl knows you can kick some serious ass, but you are in this situation along with her, but you only have dated her for like a month. You like her dogs, but you do not love them anywhere close to step in for them against a real life bear.

So you freeze. You’re not trained for this. Your name isn’t Khabib. You think all you can do, is let the shit play out and hope for the best.

Then your little girlfriend runs out there FEARLESS, pushes the bear off the ledge, retrieves her dogs.

Your little girlfriend then sits next to you on the couch, doesn’t say anything and just looks at you.

What the fuck would/could you even say? lol