170lbs Fighter need for HNS Indian

Had two opponents for Wald Bloise but both are out.

If you want to fight on this Shooto event at 167.5lbs please email me immediately.

Jeff Osborne

Jeff... I emailed u my info

i would love to take that fight.. is it April.??
hope to hear from ya

"Man of Steel"

message sent my brother from another mother...


how about laverne clark? i can get you his contact info if your interested. dont let his recent record fool you he wasnt even training for those fights but now hes serious and training hard and is going to be a force

Jeff what is teh date of the event?I may have a guy at that weight if you are interested

March 27th

Jeff Please give me,
Marcus Davis would be intrested
Thanks, Joe

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Well I'd love to come home and fight.
If we can make the weight 170 I'll do it. Show off my new skills to the home crowd.




ttt for fitch, the home town kid.