170lbs Pro Fighter

I have a freind doing a show in Hawaii April 3.04 he asked me to help grab a fighter from the Mainland if interested call me 808-330-4483 or email me second2none@hawaii.rr.com

Also is you have a team mate around 180-185 they may use him if you guys corner eachother.


Charles McCarthy at 185 and Cam McHargue at 170. Email me any details at charles@charlesm.com

Both excellent fighters that would no doubt fufill any expectations!

Josh Koscheck ...BJ flew him to Hawaii to train with him for his fight with Hughes ...He also worked out with Charuto ...Im sure they would speak very highly of him ...The guy is a 4 time NCAA D1 all-american and undefeated NCAA Champion...Hes an animal who will be in the big show real soon .....Hes managed by D Zinkin and Crazy Bob Cook ....

Todd Carney 185, Charles McCarthy 185, Cam McHargue at 170. Email Matthew Waller at :gauntletprods@cox.net

Come on Charles, did you forget about me already? LOL.

Todd"CRAZY T"Carney

I have 170lb. pro Chatt Lavender,record is 13-3,I also have a 235lb pro Scott Bowman 0-1,call Chet Blalock
at (423)622-5159.Thanks Chet Blalock Team BDC/Blalocks


Todd is deffinately a great addition to anyones card at 185.

Jon Fitch 170

Mike Swick 185

contact crazy bob cook.

I what show is this and where

how's about ray cooper

PFC Hawaii~ is your 170lb friend from Hawaii?


Maybe I can get bozo on the next card

maybe you if can cough up some major DAULA'S

Will air travel and expenses be paid....and what is the purse?
Jason Coomer


Yes travel and purse will be paid from what he is telling me

money talks when it comes to the pros. let's hit the negotiating table

You got mail