18 children and 2 adults shot dead at Texas elementary school

Bidens america. Good job libtards


ahhh fuck it is 14 dead :frowning:

The shooter escaped?

We have had armed police permanently at every school in our district for the last decade.

Im still only seeing that on ABC. Can you link another source? I am not saying you are wrong btw.

The real world. Where things of value are protected by armed men.

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ABC says dead other sites report in custody

in custody, ABC said he is dead, officials just said in custody

but ABC was the one reporting “as many as 14 dead” which now turns out to be true, so maybe they are right on the shooter too

I’m with you, but afraid that a nation which encourages gender reassignment as the solution to some mental health problems has no appetite for actual mental health solutions.


I hope the shooter was dead and if not she’s be executed on live TV to send a message

When I was in high school, way before mass shootings, we had an armed school cop and he was a K9 cop. He was at our school everyday and was popular with the students. This was a good school too.


14 students and 1 teacher dead

Another “Great Replacement Theory” inspired shooting??

Damn. RIP to those kids.

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I’m talking nationally.

We had the same thing in the early 2000s but the cop was a dick.

He wood shampooed a few people that didn’t need it.

Included a 90 pound girl in front of everyone in the lunchroom

Mental illness on display here


Not confirmed but i heard the shooter was being chased by border patrol.

Fucking scum. No doubt one of the demented reasons he did that was to make sure he is “famous”. Killing kids is a hugely despicable act that is sure to get him worldwide attention. Loser.

According to some new sites the shooter is 18 yyear old hispanic, Salvador Ramos.