18 children and 2 adults shot dead at Texas elementary school


RIP. This is the new norm unfortunately. Only thing you can do is to have armed officers at the school.

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How many MAGAt terrorist attacks do we need to have happen before we start deporting all MAGAt terrorist scum from this country

Put all Trump voters on a large boat without a rudder or propulsion and let the seas take them to their destination.



14 children dead. Horrible and heartbreaking. WTF world?!?


Adam Lanza 2.0.

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How does someone just walk into a school? What the fuck.

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BTW the way… What does this sound similar too?

Another fucking lunatic who killed his family member and went after kids?

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There’s chatter that this MAY be the guy.

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I read through this as I hold my sleeping daughter, so fucking sad man.

I hate that you all feel it’s time to debate politics and blame each other right when this happens and we don’t have any details. It’s a problem, no one is legitimately trying to solve it.


They don’t show the naked idiots running on sports fields anymore. Nor talk about suicides from bridges and so on. Don’t talk about these killers, and it’ll drastically reduce the number of happening. Not eliminate, but reduce. They truly chase popularity, or significance I should say. Avoid it giving it to them!


RIP to the victims.


Hopefully they are wrong on the numbers.
Poor families.

Looks white enough to blame whitey. MSM will spin it just right for their agenda. Watch n see…

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Shooter needs to be gutted alive while simultaneously being burned


There isn’t much in the world more purely evil than shooting up a bunch of kids at a school

This shit makes me so fucking angry


“Salvador Ramos” you say?

This will be buried after 2 days. They’ll be talking about moms at school boards again before you know it…


Looks like a creep so definitely possible.

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We should do this, minus the tax. No more taxes, period. Our federal government already has an absolutely insane budget, they have absolutely no lack of funding to do anything as evidenced by them sending tens of billions of dollars into a Ukrainian slush fund without the slightest hesitation. We can’t just keep sucking more money into an ever increasing black hole of waste and corruption.

But yes, I am all for the government to stop stealing our money and using it for endless war and enriching themselves and their corporate interests, and instead using it to do things like you suggest here.