18 out of 2000 people bad reaction to j&j at my local site

Seems to be happening all over the place with the j and j shot. This was in Raleigh nc.

Edit- this was all in one day

Co-worker told me they had to close a vaccination site in Denver the other day due to bad reactions. It was the J&J version.

what is a bad reaction?

0.9% of people having a negative effect due to a medicine?? Umm…is that really that uncommon?

Ever see med ads on tv? They all have disclaimers longer than the info.

What constitutes a ‘bad reaction’?


I have no clue. They just said a range of bad reactions and they weren’t going to give it out anymore.

i have found dizziness and nausea listed as the bad reactions…meh

CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund said it is aware of adverse reactions in some people who received the vaccine shots in Iowa, Colorado, Georgia and North Carolina. Those reactions include dizziness, light headedness, feeling faint and rapid breathing.

From an article about the site that was shut down in Denver-

"Medical staff on site Wednesday determined two people needed to be taken to the hospital for additional observation “out of an abundance of caution,” Centura said. Those two people were treated and released the same day.

The reactions ranged from low blood pressure – which prompted hospital visits – to more mild symptoms like nausea and dizziness, according to Centura. The nine patients not taken to the hospital were treated with juice and water."

would like to hear from somebody like @Mountain_Medic about how often patients have reactions like this to any kind of shot.

That is a higher likelihood than dying from Covid. Sounds about right.

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I was going to get the J+J shot today… Wife had it a week back and felt nothing (and she always has reactions to shots).

i would still get it if the site is open. still less than 1/100 for nausea, dizziness, whatever. this is why they tell you to stick around for 15 mins.

fuck those other shots where you have to come back again a month later.

So you’re equating a vaccination side-effect like nausea to dying from COVID?

Adverse events are reported anywhere between 5-10%. Nothing new. These usually are limited to pain at the site of injection, but headaches, allergies, temperature, fatigue can occur.

We’ve vaccinated over 80 000 at our center. There were 3 cases of serious side-effects (non lethal) that required hospitalization. Guillain-Barré, transverse myeltitis and clots have been reported but we’ve not seen any. We had a few cases of delayed allergies.


does pain at site of injection have to do with skill level of person giving shot…or perhaps even luck in hitting the right spot?

i ask because i barely felt my 1st moderna. 2nd one felt like a hard bee sting, and shoulder was quite swollen for around 48 hours after.

I have my first Moderna on Tuesday…

There’s some skill and some degree of luck.

My wife had a hematoma (and pain that lasted 5 days) from her second injection because the nurse jabbed her like Michael Myers would.

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I got drafted into the Vaccine Army for the J&J this Sat.

My mom got it and my best friend got it. No probs.

Sounds about what you would expect even if you were just injecting saline. 1% of people getting dizzy and feeling nauseous after a shot.

Have had both Pfizer shots. Got a fever 36 hours after the second shot. Took some ibuprofen and that was that.

But I know, i know, I’ll turn into a skin job 3 years from now.

Slight headache and some chills about 12 hours afterwards. Slept like shit that night. Otherwise, good to go. Arm hurt like a bitch at first, but went away in 5 minutes.

Am I correct that the J&J vaccine is very similar to a standard flu shot?