180, 000 volts enough to hurt?


I know nothin about stun guns, so im askin the experts. Would 180 000 be enough to stop someone in their tracks?
I liked this one cause its not as suspicious.

I looked through the saved threads and couldn't find anything on this or pepper spray.

sorry for askin so many questions :S theres just so many self defence products out i didn't think existed

for example:

Simple advice when it comes to stun guns......stay away from them.

Stun guns = death waiting to happen. For the record though, 12 volts is enough to kill someone, however, NONE of the models out there have enough current to really put somebody down. I've been hit with several different models, ranging from 450 volts to 80,000 volts. NONE of them incapacitated me in any way. It hurt like a bitch, and left some red marks on me, but I was able to "tough it out." You have to get a sustained jolt on a persons neck for them to really give you a decent effect, which is damned hard to do because the other person is NOT going to stay there and let you. Holding them that long is long enough for a good choke to sink in, or for you to get away if you hit them with pepperspray.

Take what TKDfighter (or was it Stickgrappler :o) above said, stay away from them. Look at what the police carry on them, A firearm, a nightstick, a flashlight and pepperspray/mace. Nowhere do you see stun guns, and these are the people that depond on their equipment every day to keep them alive. Why no stun guns? They don't work.

They increasingly use tasers, however.

The difference is the amount of muscle area that is affected. Touch stuns with a taser (which would basically be like a stun gun) are not all that effective against the really motivated.

Alot of things wont work to well on the really motivated a coked up druggie intent on killing you isnt gonna stopped by very many things.

True, somebody like you mentioned will only be put down with lethal force. However, I've seen too many stun guns fail to put down people NOT under the influence of any drug. At least pepperspray/mace makes somebodies eyes close for at least a split second and tear up.

Agreed, pepper spray is a far superior method of defense.